Author Greg Woolley

Five principles that deliver results for Red Moki’s customers

At Red Moki we believe in empowering IT leaders through flexible and transparent partnerships that enable the delivery of positive business outcomes for their organisations.

Here are five ways we deliver results for customers:

  1. A focus on results
    One thing we don’t believe is that the traditional style of IT delivery works in today's agile business world.
    Instead, we provide a flexible, personalised, service – one centred around our customers’ businesses and their desired outcomes.
  2. A fresh delivery model
    Delivering those outcomes is achieved through a subscription-based agile services delivery model that’s about giving customers the return on investment they deserve.
    We’re not wrapped up in, or hampered by, multiple levels of P&L, which only increases customers’ costs and delays time to value when they engage a technology partner.
  3. Investment in global talent
    One of our keys to success is that we recruit the highest calibre global talent, giving us the ability to deliver personalised outcome-based services for customers.
    We certainly don’t 'fly in the A-Team' to pitch and earn the right to do business with you only to have the 'B-Team' deliver. Instead, customers meet our CEO and your dedicated delivery team well before Red Moki earn the right to work with them.
  4. An Agile methodology that delivers real results
    Our ongoing development work with customers is carried out using a two-week Agile sprint format which resonates with customers because it’s effective.
    Here’s how one of customers recently described working with Red Moki in this way: “They are the first partner we’ve found that are truly engaged with this model and are really delivering results over those two-week sprint periods.”
  5. An unrivalled level of experience
    Because we invest in top people, we’re experts at what we do.
    Here’s what that same customer had to say after working with us to upgrade their ServiceNow Now platform:

“What Red Moki brought to the party was a very structured approach to an upgrade process. They’d done it multiple times before and they demonstrated a level of confidence which enabled us to jump two releases.”

In summary, like the species of fish we’re named after, Red Moki is territorial and long living. As a business partner, we’re local, nimble, and focused on delivering strong ROI.

If you’d like to jump in the water and swim with us, why not get in touch today?