An upgrade worthy of its big-time New York name

The Red Moki Team
November 4, 2019

Recently, the Red Moki team have had the pleasure of working on upgrading ServiceNow customers to the latest release of the Now Platform, known as New York.

ServiceNow delivers two major releases each year, typically in March and September.

They’re named after global cities in alphabetical order. (The previous release was Madrid and next year we’ll get Orlando followed by Paris.)

The New York release comes with some bold, “Big Apple” kinds of enhancements and capabilities – it extends new desktop and native mobile capabilities across the workplace at scale, enabling companies to make their employees’ lives at work as simple, easy and mobile-friendly as our real lives.

Hundreds of innovations

New York includes more than 650 new innovations across IT, employee and customer workflows. Key amongst them are:

Streamlining workflows across the enterprise – ServiceNow customers can now manage services more effectively from a single platform, including Vendor Manager Workspace, Service Owner Workspace, Operator Workspace and SaaS License Management.

Providing efficiency for finance – ServiceNow’s new Finance Operations Management (FOM) product extends workflows further into the enterprise.

Enhancing customer service with proactivity – The new Proactive Customer Service Operations capabilities allow companies to automatically respond to events or alerts for products and services, clearly see which customers are impacted by the events, and proactively create cases and notify impacted customers.

And then there’s mobile

New York packs in some exciting developments on the mobile front, with the introduction of two new mobile apps, Now Mobile and ServiceNow Onboarding.

They deliver consumer-like experiences for Now users on mobile, enabling employees to find answers and “get stuff done” across IT, HR, facilities, finance, legal and other departments, all from a modern mobile app powered by the Now Platform.

It’s about eliminating what ServiceNow CIO Chris Bedi describes as the gulf between the smooth mobile experiences we enjoy as consumers, and the complicated, frustrating apps we use at work.

“Today, smart companies are combining native mobile capabilities like location and camera with the power of digital workflows and business rules to curate experiences that were previously unavailable,” Chris says.

“At ServiceNow, we’ve packed the full power of the Now Platform into Now Mobile, a simple, easy-to-use app that helps employees get work done on the go.”

As ServiceNow's Chief Product Officer, CJ Desai, explains, mobile is the future of work and employees now expect to have access to mobile-optimised tools that enable them to function effectively and efficiently while on the job.

“Just as smartphones and mobile apps have transformed our lives at home, mobile will be at the heart of delivering great experiences at work,” CJ points out.

One of the workplace innovations Now Mobile includes is ServiceNow Virtual Agent, which uses natural language understanding to help employees find answers to common questions and requests – anytime, anywhere they have mobile access.

In our leisure time, we’re used to asking – and getting comprehensive answers from – the likes of Google. Now the same kind of user-friendly access to information is moving into the workplace.

Find out more

If you’d like to learn more about how the Now Platform – and a bit of New York magic – could transform your organisation, get in touch with Red Moki today.