Building portal forSpeed & Engagement

Performance plays an important role in shaping how user perceives the portal, and may affect adoption ratio.

User experience, is how a person feels when interacting with a digital product. UX encompasses usability, accessibility, performance, design/aesthetics, utility, ergonomics and overall human interaction.

Service Portal design - Red Moki Way

ServiceNow Default Design

  • Default landing pages
  • User Interface is not engaging/motivating
  • Default organisation of the catalog
  • Fixed User Interface
  • Default iconography
  • Absence of personalised branding
  • Poor mobile responsive UI and experience

Red Moki Way Design

  • Personalised landing pages
  • Engaging, motivating and user centric UI
  • Well organised catalog with complete ease of use
  • Choose from variety of UI or get it designed
  • Personalised iconography
  • Easy to incorporate personalised branding
  • Rich mobile experience along with engaging UI

The experience has been designed considering the following:

Clear Navigation

User must be able to navigate easily and consistently.


Product should encourage formation of habits.


Product should minimize mistakes but should be forgiving if they’re made.


Users must feel the application is responsive to their actions.

Least Touch Points

User should be able to reach designated page in minimal clicks/taps

Mobile Optimized

Declutter screens to focus only on the solution

Tile based UI

Service catalog landing page has been customised based on the business requirements. Widget based UI to make it more functional.

In this design methodology upfront call to action buttons helps user to navigate faster to the desired item.

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