We’re a different kettle of fish
Our passion is for creating transformational technology experiences and outcomes by adopting a people-first approach. Our difference is that we focus on utilising ServiceNow as a tool for not only enhancing business practice, but also enriching human capability. In other words – we create tech solutions that work for you and your people.
Solutions shaped with the people in mind

At Red Moki, we know our clients want a technology partner who recognises that people make business great, as individuals, as creative thinkers, as unique contributors; and that technology today is about people, not simply systems. That suits us perfectly.

Technology can no longer exist as an independent department, one step removed from the rest of an organisation. It's now everywhere, with everyone being a technology user, so it needs to be designed for people first. Increasingly, good technology providers are becoming integrated partners, building long-lasting relationships and helping people perform better, feel better and deliver better. Today, the impact of technology is measured in transformational impact.

We established Red Moki to break the traditional technology service provider models. People don’t want to be locked in – they want the ability to adapt and enhance systems to meet their changing needs and business capabilities.

That’s what Red Moki is all about, a nimble and adaptable partner for businesses who want the freedom to swim wherever they choose to go.

The Red Moki

Red Moki is a metaphor. It’s a name that references the way we like to work and a reminder of what makes us unique.

The Red Moki is a fish species found off the coasts of New Zealand’s North Island and southern Australia. They’re a territorial fish that sticks to swimming in the water it knows best — as technology professionals, we can relate to that. But, like our namesake, we swim in a territory that’s wide and deep. We’re expert navigators, moving through our world with confidence. Something else we like about the Red Moki? It’s a long-living species, with some individuals surviving up to 60 years. That kind of longevity reminds us of the importance of building enduring relationships, of doing our job well and protecting the waters within which we operate.

Red Moki is an attitude as much as a name. We like to say we’re a different kettle of fish. Why not dive in and experience the difference for yourself?

If you’re fishing for a new IT service partner, or just want to find out a bit more about what Red Moki can do for you, drop us a line.
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