The Red Moki Team has been acquired by Ernst & Young, New Zealand.

Re-revolutionising ServiceNow solutions
Red Moki is not your typical technology services provider. We’re an elite ServiceNow technology specialist creating tailored, people-first solutions that transform business.


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Best platform, Better service
The ServiceNow platform is a sophisticated modular platform which enables customisation and deep functionality. We know how to maximise its impact by selecting and combining the most client relevant modules to create bespoke, people-first solutions that deliver optimal value for your business.


Creating client focused outcomes
Technological and software advancements are leading a shift away from inflexible processing tools, replacing them with ones that can be an integrated, seamless part of the organisation.
Our tailor-made solutions come through a client-centric process that accommodates and enables the capabilities and needs of your people while delivering to the unique functionality needs of your business.
Our unique people-first approach
We believe the real value of technology is not simply what it does for your organisation, but how it empowers your people. That technology should enhance, not hinder human endeavour. That’s why we develop solutions that enhance your day-to-day operational effectiveness.
More about Red Moki
Red Moki is a different kettle of fish, having developed a unique people-first approach to the application of the ServiceNow platform.
If you’re fishing for a new IT service partner, or just want to find out a bit more about what Red Moki can do for you, drop us a line.
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